The 'Girls Are Talking' Application Guide

With the support of the EMpower Foundation Girl Fund, we are preparing an application guide for all people working and living with young menstruators in Turkey. The guide includes comprehensive content about menstrual education and justice, along with multiple ready-to-use application tools for caregivers, teachers, healthcare professionals, trainers, volunteers, and other field workers. The main goal of the guide is to create ready-to-use content about menstruation that takes the lived realities of young menstruators living in Turkey.

The Girls are Talking Application Guide is prepared based on the workshop we held (in cooperation with İnci Dönüşüm Association and Nilüfer Municipality) with young girls and focus group meetings with the local stakeholders in the Konaklı village of Bursa. The workshop and focus groups provided significant findings on lived realities of young menstruators in Turkey. The guide will include a summary of the current period poverty data, menstruation experiences of young people living in Turkey, and an application guide dedicated to the use of all educators, trainers, volunteers, healthcare professionals, and caregivers.