‘Let’s Talk’- Book

This book is written for any menstruators, for those who are preparing for their menarche, and for people who are living with menstruators. If you have questions about menstruation or need guidance on how to talk about menstruation with the children you provide care for, we hope our book will be a helpful resource and joyful story that you can relate to.

What can add excitement to Elif’s ordinary school day? Of course, the Space Museum trip with Deniz, Elif’s crush, who will also attend! As a new week full of friends and schoolwork begins, besides her excited anticipation of the school trip, a brand new experience enters Elif’s life: Elif gets her period for the first time! This book, in which we follow Elif’s first menstrual experience and her adventures at school with her friends, with pages from her diary, was written for all young people who have questions about menstruation. We need to talk more about period poverty and menstruation stigma. We say “Let’s Talk” with this story that defies menstruation stigma, written by İlayda and Bahar, the founders of the We Need to Talk Association!